The Hollywood actress said: Stripping is fun!!!



Actress Emilia Clarke of Hollywood movie Terminator Genesis (which is soon to be released in India) has surprised everyone with a bold statement. She said, it was fun to take off the clothes for the film scene (nude scene).

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According to Emilia, it was like performing a stunt. The film’s hero Hollywood star Schwarzenegger Arnold, too, said that to remove the clothes for the scene in the film was embarrassing, but he had fun.

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He said he was very nervous about this scene, but he enjoyed it thoroughly. Schwarzenegger and Emilia said in an interview to a website that  nude scenes are embarrassing, but they are also fun. The dialogues are witty. On the other hand, Emilia Clarke said, of course, I also tried to hide certain things, but taking off in the movie is like doing stunts. This is fun.

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