‘ Tamasha ’ trailer: Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor look stunning


They are back, with the same adventures, same zest and a similar kind of vibe. The just launched ‘ Tamasha ’ trailer, in itself, encompasses everything we have seen before: the quaint Deepika Padukone in her ‘Love Aaj Kal’ avatar – emotional yet sassy, Ranbir Kapoor in his ‘Rockstar’ form – lost, yet raring to go, the archetypal Imtiaz Ali’s nomadic-love story and the rocking chemistry between the lead pair. 

The trailer introduces us to Ved Sahni’s world, played by Ranbir Kapoor, where he calls himself ‘Hero’ for he has been doing everything that was expected of him and like every engineer’s story in India, he too doesn’t seem too happy practicing it. Then he finds the beautiful Deepika Padukone as his partner-in-crime.

Ved travels the world with her and Tara also gives in to the wanderlust. But the twist in this natural flowing love story is that the two nomads haven’t said a single truth about themselves to each other. Does Tara fall in love with the wrong person then?

Will the ‘ Tamasha ’ of characters give up and give in to the ‘Tamasha’ of emotions? And, will the twain ever meet?

What the ‘ Tamasha ’ trailer scores in, is the same in which it desperately loses too. All the wandering in love, visiting newer places and the crying and wailing in grief are something already seen in Imtiaz Ali’s earlier movies, though with different contexts and different measures.

Imtiaz Ali is known for building and giving life to romances that speak of long travels and the serenity in them. And when you happen to find love along that, it’s more than a blessing. But we are afraid, the similarities become too many to overlook. The ‘ Tamasha ’ trailer does takes you back to his earlier movies.

Releasing on 27th November 2015.

Watch The Trailer here

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