Santa Banta releases today, amid row,


Movie Santa Banta Pvt Ltd released today despite controversies and court cases. The Delhi High Court on Sunday dismissed a contempt plea filed by the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara management committee (DSGMC).

The DSGMC had alleged that CBFC chairman Pahlaj Nihalani and movie director Amit Shrivastava had failed to comply with court orders to give it a “proper hearing” against the release. The plea filed through advocate SS Ahluwalia had also sought a stay on the release of the film. 


In between arguments, Advocate Harvinder Kaur, who appeared on behalf of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara management committee, said that the film board had refused to allow the DSGMC representatives to watch the film, thus denying their right to raise objections. The Sikh organization had alleged that the posters and trailers of the film indicate that it was “insulting and derogatory” toward the Sikh community.

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