Ranbir Kapoor’s dream was not to become an actor, but….



Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor before becoming an actor wanted to become a director, and still he is ready to fulfill this dream.

During the conversation, Ranbir said: “Before becoming an actor, my purpose and my longing was to become a director. But for this art, you should be a story teller, which I’m not. The second thing is that this profession is full of selflessness. He (Director) has to work for many people and departments and has to give them the credit, that is extremely difficult.”

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He has worked as an assistant director for films Aa Ab Laut Chale and Prem Granth. Even before stepping into the acting, he was interested in directing. But fate has something else in the store for him. 

The actor added, “Many a times I have worked with the best directors and have realized that I still have to learn a lot. I have to change my personality a little bit. As an actor we become selfish and we keep on repeating the same stuff. Directing is a work, something which I would like to do, but still I’m far away from it.”

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Ranbir ‘s last film Bombay Velvet was criticized heavily. Being told that it was an excessively long film. On this actor while giving the examples of films DDLJ, Lagaan, and Hum Aapke Ke Hain Kaun, said that good movies are always very long.

Ranbir said, “I think that short films are the popcorn movies. People do not take these films seriously. If the story of the movie is good then the audience could be engaged for hours.”

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