Nothing good about getting older: Sylvester Stallone


Veteran Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone enjoys “nothing” about getting older.

The action star is not enjoying the senior citizen status and would prefer to have his youth back than the wisdom that comes with age, even though he accepts he is wiser these days, reports Deadline.

 “The best thing about getting older is… nothing. There’s zero good in getting older. I like that every day I forget something new. You do benefit from the wisdom and I think your soul grows a little bit, and you become a bit more tolerant and more forgiving.

“I remember my father, who was a very tough man, on his deathbed. His final words to me were, ‘Just learn to forgive. Just don’t be angry. Just learn to forgive.’ I went, ‘Wow, OK.’ So there is wisdom, and you understand that you should try to really enjoy the ride while it’s still spinning.”

When the actor was asked what is the worst thing about getting older is, he said, “I think it’s the lower back. I know you were expecting something great and more philosophical … I won’t even go any lower, like to the knees. I’ll leave it at the lower back.”

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