Melissa McCarthy: Women sound dumb if they don’t believe in feminism


MellissaHumorist Melissa McCarthy feels women look “dumb” if they do not support feminism.

The Ghostbuster star believes those who do not consider equal rights for women as a top priority are “ill-informed”, reported Femalefirst.

 “I always think, ‘Oh, that sounds so dumb.’ And I don’t mean that in a hateful way. It just sounds so ill-informed.

“Do you think women should be paid less? You don’t believe in equality for women? I think people have worked hard to put a negative spin on the word,” she said.

In the meantime, the 45-year-old actress insists she champions women of all shapes and sizes and has criticised the “epidemic” of size-shaming, which she says affects the majority of girls across the world.

“There’s an epidemic in our country of girls and women feeling bad about themselves based on what 0.5 percent of the human race looks like.

“It starts very young. My message is that as long as everybody’s healthy, enjoy and embrace whatever body type you have.”


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