Kashmir The painful memories of Katrina Kaif were fresh on Fitoor’s set


katrina in fitoor 

Recently, Katrina Kaif was in Kashmir for her next film ‘ Fitoors ‘ shooting.

Very few people know that the Kat’s father is from Kashmir. Katrina remembered her father and these memories were quite painful.

A friend of Katrina said, “Katrina Kaif’s childhood memories associated with Kashmir is quite painful. As a child, her father had left her in London.

After which Katrina never saw her father. Kashmir is a constant reminder of her father. Katrina has always kept herself away from these memories. ” Her friend said, “She did not want to go to Kashmir. But she is not that kind of girl who runs away from any situation. We know that her eyes will be filled with her father’s painful memories. ”  Katrina with Aditya Roy Kapoor first time visited Kashmir for “Fitoor’s” shooting.

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