Film Review: Shaandaar (2.5 Stars)



Star Cast: Alia Bhatt, Shahid Kapoor

Director: Vikas Bahl

Stars: 2

The film “Shaandaar” has been made as a fairy tale story film by the makers, like the one Hollywood makes. It seems that makers were convinced that same emotional touch will work wonders for their movie also. But, sadly the said part is grossly missing from the film. But, surely you will find picturesque locations and Razz-Razzmatazz in the film going ahead which entails the story. These aspects would have helped great deal had the narrative was well researched, as a critic; we realized that a large of the film was wasted in capturing the natural beauty rather than focusing on the story. Alia Arora (Alia Bhatt) is an adopted daughter of Bipin Arora (Pankaj Kapur), easily adjusts herself into her new family with her stepmom and grandmother despite their cruel behavior. Alia is an insomniac, so she prefers to wander in nights. And father thinks her insomnia will be cured by her man who will maker her sleep peacefully. Jagjinder Joginder (Shahid Kapoor), who is a wedding planner enters in her life and family. May be something to do with Sleeping Beauty angle? In the sub-plot, Bipin’s mother cruel mother hatches a plan to marry off Bipin’s real daughter Isha (Sanah Kapoor) with a Sindhi business tycoon’s (Sanjay Kapoor) brother as a part of a business deal. Although, fairy tale saga goes on in the background, but it fails to entice the audience. There is continuity jerk in the story telling as director was interested in one-liner rather than focusing on the story telling. Top of it, unnecessarily songs have been accommodated in between, which causes more strain.

As in the beginning only we had mentioned that “Shaandaar” has been packaged as a fairy tale movie. However, all the elements have been incorporated in the film, but the direction is not apt and makes the movie boring. Characterization has been done perfectly, though, which is a saving grace for the film.

Alia has done justice with her character of Alia Arora. Her beautiful emotions and facial expressions too creates charisma in the movie.

Shahid is okay in the film, he looks average in the movie. Surely, Shahid has been wasted in the film, he was just a few scene in which he has shown some heroic and some funny one liners.

However, his father Pankaj Kapur has played dotting papa’s role with an ease, like he has been essaying other characters. Sushma Seth has essayed comprehending granny’s character to the T. Newcomer Sanah Kapoor impresses with her performance and, on the other hand, his groom to be Vikas Verma has also played the negative role very well.

It seems by trying different genres Vikas Bahl wants to explore himself. Like his earlier two directorial ventures “Chillar Party” and “Queen” were also two poles apart and were critically acclaimed. Again, this time “Shaandaar” caters to a different genre, but, alas! fails to impress. His story falls apart and not been able to entice the audiences with something fresh. In the bits and pieces, he was able to bring best performances from his actors. Credit should also go to his cinematographer Anil Mehta for capturing locations beautifully. The film would have some justice to its star cast if unnecessary songs and sequences like (Karan Johar‘s cameo and where family members accidentally get` drugged)  would have been edited. We are still trying to guess as to why animation were used in flashback, may be to save on the cost?

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