Bigg Boss Halla Bol : It’s Ajaj Khan once again


Bigg Boss Halla Bol : It’s Ajaj Khan once again!

Yes. You heard it right! Only two days to go for the Grand Finale of this show.  And, we hear to create the buzz,  Ajaj Khan is called back. To keep the excitement on makers of the Bigg Boss thought of this shock treatment to the audience and especially to Ali Quli Mirza must have thought of this kind of move. May be show makers are the best judges.

To each participant’s surprise Ajaj made his re entry and every one shocked to see him back. He entered the house only last night. Also we hear he will remain therein the house till the grand finale of the show as a guest. The major impact of his re-entry was on Ali Quli Mirza, as he was taken aback.

Ajaj was there in the house earlier too as a challenger and he was pushed out of the show.

In the beginning these two old mates had a great time in the house.  After some time, no one knows what went wrong between the two. And started talking aggressively to each other and came to the blows literally. As per our information, initially Ali was just making fun of him, which didn’t go down very with Ajaj Khan. And he started the brawl. Since, the show has code of conduct for every contestant he (Ajaj) was shown the door.

After Ajaj’s exit makers of the show realized Ali was showing he is on the receiving end, which was not the case.

Ajaj Khan & Ali Quli Mirza fight

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