‘ Besharam ‘ Sunny Leone has not given up ” Sex Business “!



Actress Sunny Leone who trekked from Porn to the Bollywood, her Adult Business Connection is not yet over. She will remain attached as a brand ambassadress  with the company ‘ImBesharam’, that sells adult products such as sex toys online. Before also Sunny has  been the ambassadress for the company’s brand, although then she was not so popular.

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Although, recently, Sunny Leone had given the statement that she does not want to expose in the Bollywood, but wants to show the effect of her acting. She said that she does not bear any relationship to the last world now, but the news is that Sunny has renewed its agreement again with Raj Armani’s company, which is based on things like sex toys.

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Before entering in the Bollywood  her deal with the company was only for 10 thousand dollars (about Rs 635 000), if we talk in terms of the latest renewal, after Sunny made her mark in the Hindi film industry, now the deal has been fixed for nearly 2 crore. However, Armani has no complaints with Sunny’s this price and he is ready to give her this amount.

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Company founder Armani says these sex toys, which are sold in the price range of 2,500 to 4,000, are much higher in demand from the Bollywood stars, executives and residential areas of Delhi and Mumbai. Though, Raj Armani sells lipstick, mascara and even things like a hairbrush, but these are not those things which can be seen from the outside.

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This lipstick is in the form of a vibrator and hairbrushes are massagers. However, it is difficult to realize the truth of these products at the customs checks, airports or during any security check. Even in the crowded areas it is extremely difficult to see the truth. Armani is running his business in India while sitting in Atlanta in the US.

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